Software License Optimization Tool (SAM) -

Benefits of OptiLIC —Optimize your software licenses

Optimize software use and reduce ongoing software cost
  • Centrally and remotely monitors concurrent license usage, including peak usage, to help determine the optimal number of concurrent licenses required by your teams.
  • Identifies idled users license and re-activate them to serve global teams whenever they need every time.
  • Enables effective chargeback processes within your organization.
Simplify and Centralize License Server Administration in real time
  • Efficiently perform license server administration (Global dashboard, login time, login period, active status, modules being used…ect) in real time.
  • Significantly increase visibility on license usage on single user level or team level across all modules.
  • Monitor license usage in a single view of dashboard by using any kind of mobile device - reduce the time and effort required to administer license servers and users.
  • Grouping users with billing management functionality across different business units.
  • Provide usage and behaviour analysis report on daily, weekly, or monthly basis for better decision making.
Manage Multiple Concurrent Licensing Technologies Including
  • FlexNet (FlexEnabled, FlexLM) software.
  • LUM-enabled software (ENOVIA Smarteam).
  • Dassault Systems License Server (DSLS); for CATIA R23 and later versions.